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We have given the link of all stocks in Indian Stock Market on Nse or Bse along with their Industry they belong to. Each Company page has all the information present for that particular stock. The link to the Forum or Bulletin Board for each company is also mentioned. You may visit the forum to see what others think about the stock as well as you may post your views about the stock so that others may read and react to your view. To post your view, you need to register once only. You may click on the alphabet to go to the company name.

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Name Bse code
Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. 532209
Jagan Lamps Ltd. 530711
Jagatjit Industries Ltd. 507155
Jagsons Airlines Ltd. 520139
Jagsonpal Pharmaceutical Ltd. 507789
Jai Corp Ltd. 512237
Jai Hind Synthetics Ltd. 514312
Jai Mata Glass Ltd. 523467
 Jainco Projects (India) Ltd. 526865
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. 500219
Jain Studios Ltd. 532033
Jaipan Industries Ltd. 505840
Jai Parabolic Springs Ltd. 520071
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 532532
Jaiprakash Hydro Power Ltd. 532627
Jaipur Polyspin Ltd. 503861
Jalpak India Ltd. 523230
Jamshri Ranjitsinghji Spg & Wvg Mills Co. Ltd. 502901
Jasch Industries Ltd. 500220
Jayabharat Credit Ltd. 501311
 Jayant Agro Organics Ltd. 524330
Jayaswals Neco Ltd. 522285
Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. 520066
Jaypee Hotels Ltd. 590027
Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. 509715
Jaysynth Dyestuff (India) Ltd. 506910
Jay Ushin Ltd. 513252
JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 506493
JBF Industries Ltd. 514034
JCT Ltd. 500223
JCT Electronics Ltd. 500222
J D Orgochem Ltd. 524592
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 524731
Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd. 523592
Jet Airways (India) Ltd. 521617
Jetking Infotrain Ltd. 517063
Jhunjhunwala Vanaspathi Ltd. 519248
JIK Industries Ltd. 511618
Jindal Capital Ltd. 530405
Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. 511034
Jindal Hotels Ltd. 507981
Jindal Iron & Steel Ltd. 500107
Jindal Online.Com Ltd. 531960
Jindal Polyster Ltd. 500227
Jindal Stainless Ltd. 532508
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. 532286
Jindal Strips Ltd. 532256
Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd. 500228
JJ Exporters Ltd. 530049
JJ Finance Corporation Ltd. 523062
JJ Spectrum Silk Ltd. 531839
JK Corp Ltd. 500380
JK Dairy and Foods Ltd. 500231
JK Industries Ltd. 530007
JK Investo Trade (India) Ltd. 506515
JK Pharmachem Ltd. 500218
JK Synthetics Ltd. 500306
JL Morison (India) Ltd. 506522
JMC Projects (India) Ltd. 522263
JM Financial Ltd. 523405
JMT Auto Ltd. 513691
Joindre Capital Services Ltd. 531861
Josts Engineering Company Ltd. 505750
JRC Industries Ltd. 530027
Jubilant Organosys Ltd. 530019
Jumbo Bags Ltd. 516078
Jupiter Bioscience Ltd. 524826
Jyoti Structures Ltd. 513250
Jyoti Cosmetics (Exim) Ltd. 531115
Jyoti Ltd. 504076
Jyoti Overseas Ltd. 523876


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